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US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


  • If you have tracked this sector as we have, you get to know the newcomers and the old-timers and US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is one of the old-timers. 
  • They offer a full-service model which as we have noted elsewhere on this site, is the only real alternative to hiring a lawyer.
  • They have a solid product as can be expected for a company that has been doing this since 2000.
  • They have clear and transparent pricing.
  • Flat-fee structure
  • They have no hidden fees.
  • They handle any level of complexity from simple cases to complicated.
  • They are a high volume preparer so they have seen just about every type of case
  • They specialize in consumer chapter 7s and 13s.
  • They are a one-stop shop for consumer bankruptcy filings.
  • They handle all the details, from the document preparation to the means test calculations to guidance for the creditor meeting. All one needs is to sign and file the finished documents.
  • Fast turnaround time.  They can prepare and deliver the documents is within 8 hours.
  • Good product quality similar to attorney office bankruptcies.
  •  Includes all the federal forms
  • Includes  the local district forms
  • They have quick and friendly customer support
  • Easy to work with
  • Local Illinois operation
  • They serve all 50 states
  • They include the court filing fee waiver paperwork, so that if you earn low income, you can waive the court filing fees.
  • Access to your annual credit report


While this company has earned 4 1/2 stars, there are some minor negatives.

  • They do not handle corporate bankruptcies. Anyone who owns a business can use this company for their personal bankruptcy filing and discharge their personal liability for their business debts at the same time. It is just that the entity filing the bankruptcy cannot be a corporation. 
  • Although they started out as an attorney back-office support company preparing bankruptcies for attorneys on contract, they do not provide attorneys to represent you in your bankruptcy filing.
  • They cover all 50 states but Illinois is their only home base. They will do well to open more branch offices to bring the business closer to their customers.
  • They do not offer any kind of knowledgebase that we are aware of. In their defense though, that may not be a bad thing. Lawyers do not offer their clients anything other than straight-up bankruptcy and so does this company.
  • They are too understated about what they do offer by way of bankruptcy extras. Their web site does a poor job of listing the other added bonuses they offer such, as information on quickly removing bankruptcy from credit reports or reestablishing good credit after bankruptcy. How do they expect visitors to know what else they offer if they do not publicize it.
  • Their web site does not provide any tutorials to help novices learn about bankruptcy. We have raised this point with them and they have said that they are not in the business of education people, but we disagree. Just because they handle everything does not mean that visitors do not want to understand how bankruptcy law works.
  • Although their past customers report good email customer support, they do not provide a contact phone number. I can understand the tradeoff between not providing a phone number and keeping costs down, but there are a few people who will gravitate to expensive lawyers for the exact same bankruptcy results, just because they provide phone contact. 


US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a solid full-service company and were it not that the bar has been raised by American Bankruptcy Company, we would have given them a perfect five starts. They check off all the important boxes that we as reviewers like to see a bankruptcy company check off, but their main drawback is that they are a bit too old school.

Being around for a long time can be a two-edged sword. On the one hand the longer a bankruptcy company or even a bankruptcy lawyer has been around, the more solid their work is and US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is no exception. On the other hand, the longer they have been in business, the less they try to innovate. 

Their motto is that they will, "give you more of the same" old stuff they have been giving to others, and while we understand what they mean, many visitors would find that boring. Perhaps that is their point. Who wants an exciting bankruptcy? May be they have a point but that is not smart marketing.

We used to give them a perfect 5 stars until American Bankruptcy Company upped the ante with their huge bankruptcy knowledgebase. If they were forward-thinking, US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy would provide a similar offering. It is a matter of staying competitive. 

On the other hand, it could be considered a matter of branding. For example, some banks pride themselves on being a conservative and safe place to keep your money and others pride themselves on being on the cutting edge and can grow your money faster. Using that analogy, US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the safe conservative full-service company, while American Bankruptcy Company is the solid but progressive innovator, and that has earned them a perfect 5 stars.

What they lack in not being innovative, US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy makes up with very good customer service. At least that is what we are told by their past customers. They typically respond to messages in as little as a hour and sometimes even minutes, while many ecommerce sites take up to 24hrs or more. We have surreptitiously put them to the test and have found that their answers to our questions have been spot on, which confirms that even their customer support is staffed by trained bankruptcy experts, not just support lackeys. But the same can be said of American Bankruptcy Company, so it does not move the needle for us.

For full-service bankruptcy, US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and American Bankruptcy Company are the two obvious choices; hence they are our top picks in this category. The company you select will come down to personal preference, pricing and your desire to enhance your bankruptcy with techniques from a knowledgebase.

If you want the ultimate bankruptcy filing with nothing left out, then the Ultimate bankruptcy product offered by American Bankruptcy Company is your only choice. On the other hand, if you do not need the techniques in the KB, then US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy' only bankruptcy product is just as good as the Complete Bankruptcy product offered by American Bankruptcy Company. 

We like US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy' clear and honest pricing and in particular we like that they have no hidden fees as well as the following pricing characteristics.

  • No set up fee
  • No per creditor fee 
  • One flat fee covers all your creditors
  • No additional fee for long complicated filings
  • No additional fee for joint filing
  • No recurring fees
  • No fees through the plan for chapter 13 cases
  • No hidden fees

Court filing fee

We also like that they include the paperwork to request the court filing fee waiver, if you earn low income. This alone could save you $300 to $500 in court cost alone. If you are deciding between US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, you need to be aware that the court as a matter of policy, does not waive their filing fee if you are represented by an attorney. The bankruptcy court's thinking is that if you can afford to hire a lawyer, you can afford to pay the court filing fee. This alone is one big plus for using a full-service bankruptcy company rather than an attorney.

Their guarantee

US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy offers a radical refund policy which they call the Crazy Guarantee. It is similar to the one offered by American Bankruptcy Company, and it says essentially that they will refund your money if you do not get a discharge of your chapter 7 debts. This is a radical concept since no one else offers anything similar. Lawyers do not offer any type of guarantee, let alone a guarantee that you will get what you filed bankruptcy for.

Their crazy guarantee even protects you from your own errors, provided you want a discharge in the first place. Let us say that in providing them the information they need to prepare the documents, you make a catastrophic mistake that would cost you the discharge, they will take responsibility for your mistake and issue you a full refund. That is remarkable.

A company's guarantee says a lot about the confidence of the company in their product. Companies that offer generous guarantees like this one do so because they know they can deliver on their promise. As a customer, that must be quite reassuring.

As far as we know, US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and American Bankruptcy Company are the only two companies with this sort of performance guarantee. To the average reader this may not stand out as prominently as the price, but to us as reviewers, these are the subtle things we take into consideration when handing out the top honors. It is the telltale sign of excellence because they are actually going out on a limb and risking their revenue.

I readily recommend US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for chapter 7 and chapter 13 consumer bankruptcies. However, keep in mind that it is not all roses with US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Even the best companies will have room for improvement, so be sure to read the customer comments about them at the bottom of this page.

Price is not everything

There is no doubt that there are second and third rate bankruptcy companies out there offering lower prices, but in the end they may turn out to be a lot more expensive. 

Which of these would you rather have? 

To save $40 upfront in fees and lose $10,000 in undischarged debts, or

To pay $40 more upfront and discharge $10,000 more than you thought possible.

It is what they call, "penny wise and pound foolish." A lot of people unfortunately will choose to save the $40 upfront and damn the consequences, and for these people, it is this kind of thinking that got them in financial trouble in the first place.

On this wise, if you believe that you will get more debts discharged using an expensive attorney, then the attorney's upfront cost will pale in comparison to the extra debts you will discharge. However in practice, the opposite is true. Most bankruptcy lawyers do not go the extra mile to get a deeper discharge of debts. They do not because it generally requires more work than they have been paid for. Talking about bankruptcy attorneys and a deep discharge, here is a must read...

Compared to Bankruptcy attorneys

There is a very important principle in bankruptcy law that every person filing chapter 7 should be aware of and that is, a bankruptcy lawyer cannot charge you anything more once your bankruptcy has been filed. 

Before you begin to jump up and down rejoicing, this is actually a bad thing. Why?

The reason is that with just about EVERY bankruptcy lawyer in a consumer case, the fee they charge covers only advising you, preparing the documents and holding your hands at the trustee meeting. That is it! That is all they have planned for. This means that once they come back from the trustee meeting, there is no more incentive for them to do anything more for you

For a lot of people, that is all that is needed for the bankruptcy and yes, it will get you your basic discharge. 

But for many people, the basic discharge will still leave them with $5,000, $10,000 or even $20,000 in undischarged debts that could be easily discharged if the lawyer just went a little bit further. But because they cannot get any more money from you after the bankruptcy has been filed, they will not.

The extra discharge of your debts, which we refer to as deep discharge, comes about by using reaffirmation agreements to cram down secured debts to your advantage; by challenging the validity of many types of secured debts and having the court void them; and by exploiting the structural weakness of the large nationwide equity finance lenders. Typically, if you have any sort of secured debts and you take the extra step to pursue a deep discharge, you will almost certainly realize several thousands of dollars in more debts being discharged than not.

Because they cannot get paid anymore by you once your case has been filed, almost no bankruptcy lawyer will even tell you that there is such a thing as a deep discharge in a chapter 7 case. Try calling any bankruptcy lawyer and asking them if they have heard of the term, deep discharge and they will draw a blank stare. Most times, it is because they have never done one or because they would rather not bother.

If you already have a bankruptcy lawyer, when issues such as reaffirmation agreements come up after the filing, their advice to you will be a short sentence like, "you can sign the agreement if you want or you can decide not to sign it if you do not want to." With this one innocuous statement alone, they are likely to have cost you as much as $5,000 or more in undischarged debts that could very easily be discharged.

On the other hand, if you use one of our top picks in the full-service bankruptcy category, you will find the step-by-step procedure for a deep discharge in their knowledgebase. In fact that is the main goal of a bankruptcy knowledgebase. And to think that you paid less than $300 for everything and got to reap a saving of $5,000 to $20,000 in a deep discharge, that is truly amazing! 

So as we said, it is not about price or about hiring a bankruptcy lawyer. It is about knowledge and who can help you acquire it. If a bankruptcy lawyer will get you a deep discharge, then they are worth their loft price but as we said, they almost never do this for the little guy.

Product and Services:

US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy has only one product for chapter 7 bankruptcy and one for chapter 13. As we noted earlier, this is in keeping with their conservative stodgy image.  Their idea is that their one product is all you will need for a complete bankruptcy filing. 

This makes sense since it is a full-service product. It includes all the documents; customer support from start to finish and guidance with every aspect of the case. It also comes with their performance guarantee they call the crazy guarantee.

In our opinion, their bankruptcy product is all you will need to get your debts discharged. This product is easy to work with since it is an end to end service. You give them your information online and they deliver the finished product online in as little as 8 hours or less. It includes all the means test calculations and all the exemptions, so all you do is sign your name and file it.

They also include complimentary access to third party services such as an ask-an-attorney option, and post-bankruptcy credit restoration services. Here is a partial list of their offering:

  • All of the official federal documents prepared to the latest requirements
  • All local district forms prepared
  • The court filing fee waiver to waive the court fee for those who earn low income
  • The means test calculations and documents are included
  • Reaffirmation agreement templates for customer convenience
  • Access to a free ask-an-attorney network where you can get answers from participating attorneys for free
  • Access to third-party post-bankruptcy credit restoration.

In a nutshell, it includes everything you will need for a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. This product is surpassed only by the Ultimate bankruptcy product offered by American Bankruptcy Company in that the later includes a proprietary bankruptcy knowledgebase.

Fees and Rates

US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy could do a better job making it easy for visitors to find their pricing. 

We do not like that when you visit the site, you will not find the price on their home page. 

You have to navigate further into the site to locate the price. It is as if they want you have to read everything on their site before you can find out how much they charge. If you have had this problem locating their pricing, you will find it by clicking on the link at the bottom of their home page. This will take you to the pricing page where you will find the price close to the bottom of the page.

They have a great bankruptcy product so it does not make sense to make the price difficult to find. The good thing though is that once you find the price you will like it. Here are some of their pricing features.

  • Flat-fee pricing
  • No per creditor fee
  • No additional fee for long complicated filings
  • No additional fee for joint filing
  • No recurring fees
  • No fees through the plan for chapter 13 cases
  • No hidden fees
  • No charge for the ask-an-attorney option
  • No charge for the included court fee waiver documentation

Their fee is usually about $199 but do not take our word for it since it is subject to change. As was already noted, it covers everything except the court filing fee which you pay directly to the court, that is, if you decide not to get it waived by the court.

They do not charge you extra if you file with a spouse or if you have many creditors, which is good for those who have dozens of creditors.

Sales and Advertising Transparency:

US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy does a good job disclosing all fees which as we mentioned, is a flat pricing structure. However they should make it easier for visitors to find. 

As a reviewer, I do not only look at sales transparency, but I also look at marketing and in this regard, US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy fails woefully. They do not modify the look and feel of the web site and this gives the repeat visitor the impression that they are not responsive. Great web sites change things up regularly to keep the public's attention but this company does not.

Also their sales page does not do a good job explaining bankruptcy law. 

Most consumer bankruptcy filers are novices and could use a primer on bankruptcy law but you will not find it there. Their approach is to just do the whole thing for you and get you your discharge even if you do not understand how bankruptcy law works.

In a way that is the same approach bankruptcy lawyers take. They would rather get the job done than take a moment longer to explain what they are doing. This lack of a tutorial on bankruptcy law will not affect the outcome of the bankruptcy but it will help to ease customer anxiety. People feel better when they understand the process, even if the outcome is the same.

Customer Service and technical Support:

US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy provides good customer service as reported by their customers. We have also verified it by posing as customers and asking them tough bankruptcy questions. We got their replies within a few hours and sometimes in even in as little as an hour. Their answers were accurate and provided enough clarity as to be sufficient, had we been actual debtors.

These days, a lot of online customer service is provided by novices who essentially babysit the help desk and serve only to screen the queries for the more trained staff. With US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, it is clear to us that their support personnel are trained bankruptcy experts.

We fault them though for not providing a phone contact. As a reviewer, I understand that it is a tradeoff between phone support and low pricing but some buyers like to talk to a person nonetheless. Perhaps this comes with the age of the Internet. Even the larger online retail giants such as and the vaunted do not provide phone contact, only email support, so we are not surprised that no nationwide bankruptcy preparer can provide phone contact and still keep the price low.

It is our observation that what they lack in not providing phone contact, they make up with quick and accurate email response. If you are a debtor and want phone contact, this may be sufficient reason to pay for it by hiring a bankruptcy lawyer. 

In the end it is about getting your debts discharged in bankruptcy at a reasonable price. It you can get a deep discharge of your debts then it probably does not matter whether or not you get to talk to a phone receptionist on the other end.

Negative Reviews and Complaints: 

Complaints are an inherent part of any industry dealing with bankruptcy, given the financial pressure that debtors are under. So one would expect a fair number of complaints against this company, but as much as we have inquired, their past customers appear to be quite satisfied with their services. We did not find any complaints against them with the local BBB in the Joliet/Chicago area. But this does not mean that a debtor will not have some minor issues with them.

The only negative things we heard back from people are from those who thought that US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy was staffed by lawyers, only to discover that it is not a law firm. You need to remember that no matter how good their work is, full-service bankruptcy companies are not lawyers. They can do almost everything a lawyer can do, except give you legal advice or represent you in court. In other words, their job is to prepare the bankruptcy documents required to get you a discharge of your debts, but they are not lawyers.

The other type of issue we have come across are from people who thought that the US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy crazy guarantee was a satisfaction guarantee. Theirs is a performance guarantee which is an entirely different thing. A few customers who are cash-strapped, think that the US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy guarantee entitles them to change their mind for no reason, after the work has been done and get a refund.  It is not like buying pizza and getting your money back if it tastes bad. A bankruptcy preparation company could spend many hours preparing the documents and they will not give you your money back after they have done the work just because you changed your mind. You get your money back only if you are denied a discharge, and that is more than fair.

Fairness is a two-way street and so we urge people to consider all the work a bankruptcy preparer has to do before placing an order with them. Attorneys do not refund the thousands that they are paid, no matter what, so it is not unreasonable for this company to condition a refund on the bankruptcy failing to get you a discharge.

Finally, we have come across the occasional complaint or grumbling from bankruptcy lawyers who are naturally not happy to have competition from non-lawyers. 

Positive Reviews and Testimonials: 

We get access to positive reviews either from their past customers who care to leave us a comment on our site or from our contact with a select few of them. Because of their privacy policy, we cannot get US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to provide us any information about their past customers unless a customer indicates to them that they are willing to be contacted. We sometime reach out to any past customer who has posted a comment on our review site in order to get them to elaborate. 

The past customers we have contacted have been very satisfied with the results. All of the ones we contacted said they got their debts discharged as promised. We have asked the company why they do not post the positive customer testimonials on their web site and their answer has been that they get too many such testimonials directly from customers to bother posting them. They also noted that buyers are generally skeptical of the authenticity of testimonials and so they would rather not clutter their site with them.

Final Verdict: 

We have looked this company over thoroughly and we like what we have seen and heard about them.  They check off all the boxes that we as reviewers look for and that is no small thing seeing that we are always looking for the blemishes. As we have noted in the main body of this review, they are not perfect. No attorney or bankruptcy preparer is perfect but this one comes as close to it as we have seen.

They have room for improvement, particularly in the area of providing customer phone contact as well as providing tutorials on bankruptcy law which they currently lack. US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is in the same league as the very best that we have reviewed, so when it comes to choosing among our top editor picks, it is a matter of personal need and preference.

We highly recommend this bankruptcy preparer for anyone seeking to file a consumer chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy and cannot afford the high cost of bankruptcy lawyers. You will get the same qualify bankruptcy documents as you can expect from a lawyer and perhaps a little bit more. It does not hurt that they guarantee you the actual final discharge which hardly anyone else does. Because of the quality of their work, it is easy to mistake them for attorneys, which they are not. If you need legal advice consult an attorney.

Their customer service is very good and will not disappoint. But you be the judge. Contact them and judge the experience yourself.

US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy has earned a 4 1/2 star rating which is just about as high as any company can be rated with us.

Reader Comments


    Hi guys, I am thinking of file chapter 7 for the credit cards and then chapter 13 for the house that is sliding into foreclosure. Which company should I use or should I use a lawyers?

    Rating Not Rated
    Gail - Review Editor 


    Thanks for question. Sorry we cannot answer that since every situation is different and besided we are not lawyers. Have you tried talking to a lawyer in your area about this? 

    Rating Not Rated

    Yes I have but they want too much. Also the one I spoke to was not sure that I could do both a chapter 7 and a chapter 13. How about my other question about who you recommend? 

    Rating Not Rated
    Gail - Review Editor

    Well there you have it. If a lawyer cannot answer your question then that should tell you something. Perhaps what you want to do is not possible or perhaps there is another way to achieve the same results with one bankruptcy. If you decide to file type of bankruptcy or the other any of the companies we have reviewed will do a good job. If you have not done so already, read our reviews on the other full-service bankruptcy companies and then select one.

    Good luck!

    Rating Not Rated

    This is exactly why everyone should use a lawyer. I am not saying this just because I am a lawyer. You get what you pay for. If you pay a lawyer $2,000 you will get your money's worth and if you pay $200 you will get your money's worth too. And before your readers start to bellyache about not affording lawyers, what happened to charging it on your card? You charged everything on your card to get where you are now so why not charge the card once more to get yourself out of it? It is this kind of lazy thinking that gets a lot of people into bankruptcy in the first place. They always want to work less but have everything for free. One person even asked in this forum about finding a free lawyer. Get real! There is more to bankruptcy than just preparing the documents. Granted, secretaries prepare the documents at law firms but they cannot represent you in court. Bite the bullet, get a lawyer and pay for it even if you have to beg or borrow the money and then be done with it. We are in the Des Moines area. Our number is {DELETED BY EDITOR. COMPANY SELF- ENDORSEMENTS NOT ALLOWED}

    Rating Not Rated

    I used US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy a couple of years back and although i got the discarge but I am not one of their cherleaders like some of you others. I went for the ask the attorney thing and instead of giving me a phone number for a lwayer they gave me a lawyer website where lawyers take turns answering questions by email. What happen to them geting you a lawyer to talk to? If it was going to be by email they shoulda said so on the site. The first lawyer answered one question and when i tried to ask two more questions he said it was over his limit. I tried back the next day and got another lawyer and though he aswered the other questions i could tell he was only interested in getting me to hire him.

    Everything went as US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy siad and they was very helpful but my only complaint was the lawyers thing. It was not all free like they said it was. Most of them was free and one wanted $20. My husband said I like to complain an that he did not see anythinwrong witht he ast a layer service seein as it was free but gosh the should ave said it on the site.

    Now that it is over i feel great! We got a car financed and now we can afford the thins we couldnt before. Before the bankrupcy the stress was killin me. I tell ya stress can kill you. I had a neigbor who died from it. The collectons came after her and her family day an nite and one day seh was gone. Knowin what i know now I would file in a heartbeat if I was is same situation again. You dont need a lawyer andd you dont need no ask an attorney service. They just give you the same answers your own comon sense could a told you.

    Again I am not knoking Us bakruptcy. They did the job right and their price was great. Before we went with them, we say a lawyer who wanted $1500 whic we didnt have and he was not goin to asnwer any questions unless we pay first. We did not get anwsers so we went with us bk cause of the ask a lawyer service.  The review said that you can get free consultation from a lawyer but that is not true in our area. the lawyers im this area do not do free any thing. You ougt to not tell people to get free consoltation since they is no such thing. Just get your bills and use a outfit like the one we used or try doin it you self if you know who. You wll eventually get it right.


    Hi Ginger, I used them too and it is not that we are cheer leaders. It tis that when you find something good you want others to know about it. US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy did a great job for us here in Macon GA and I wish more people knew about them. Thats all.

    I agree with you that stress is bad but often people put them selves in that situation. Some people know they have to do something but they do not. They wait untill they are about to jump off the roof to do something about it. I was one of theose people. It was like I was in this night mare that would never end. Every day it was the same story. We would screen my calls becasue of the collectors and when I heard a knock on the door, I froze up thinking that they were at the door.  One day a coworker told me they had filed and recomended that I try the same company they used. It turned out that it was US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I still did not file for another 6 months. I decided to file after I saw this review site and read what people like me were going through and what they did.

    I would say, file if you need to and to so quickly before you suffer one more day. The credit card companies are not worth it. They are not your family. I can understand if you borrowed money from your family and are hesitant to file agais them but these card companies are vultures. The only reason they gave you a card was to suck you dry with interest charges so why pity them? To them you are just a number. 

    Gail - Review Editor 

    Regarding the comment that we lead people to think that they can get free legal advice from lawyers, to set the record straight, that is not what we are saying. If you are going to get free legal advice, you have to do it the smart way. You cannot just call a lawyer and ask for free advice on the phone. They are not fools.

    If you go in to see them in person for the initial consultation, they will have to tell what they can do for your specific situation, as part of they effort to get you as a client. For example at an initial consultation you can ask something like this. "If I retain you for my bankruptcy what will happen to my 401K or what will happen to XYZ company that is suing me?" The lawyer cannot just say nothing. If they hope to have you as a client they at least have to tell you the results they can get for you, even if they are not willing to tell you exactly how they will achieve it. That is all we are saying. The second thing is that we did not see anything deceptive on the US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy web site regarding the ask-an-attorney service. They are NOT offering to get you an attorney. They offer to help access those lawyer networks where you can get your questions answered. I hope that clears things up.

    Rating Not Rated

    For all of you out there wondering if bk is right for you, it is. I was in the same situation as you some years ago, not sure what to do. I did not want to go bankruptcy on my record but I could not pay the bills either. I felt guilty to file bankruptcy and leave the credit card companies hanging. I had just got a new card with a $3,500 limit so I felt like it would be under handed to file on them too. Pretty soon, I could not sleep. I woke up worrying and I went to sleep worring and before long, I started getting sick. I could not even afford to see a doctor cause we did not have insurance. One day I met someone who had filed bankruptcy who showed me what to do and that was it. I instantly knew that I was lieing to myself and had to file and so I did. This person had recommended that I read your reviews and that is what I did. Once I read your articles and reviews I decided to use American Bankruptcy Company. Within one day of my giving them my information the bankruptcy was done. I filed it, got a court date, went there and bam! it was done. Some moths later I got the discharge and now the nightmare is over. I am now able to get my kids what they need instead of making excuses. It is just a whole different feeling to be debt free. You may have been so use to debt and hiding from collection companies that it has become your new normal, but there is nothing normal about being broke. Human beins are not supposed to live in that kind of stress.


     Adrian T.

    I agree with Bruce. There is only so much stress a person can handle before it gets them sick. We had the same situation he was talking about and we kept putting it off hoping it would get better. It didnt. We came close to losing everything when we snaped to our senses and decided to file. We used US Bk solutions after we read about them on your sight and from the moment we filed it was as if we had just crawled out of a cave into the light for the first time. there is nothing like it. This company is great! Their forms were done right and the trustee was surprised the we did not have a lawyer. She commented on how good it was and that made us fel good that we had saved all the money. We reaffirmed the car and some secure furniture loan and when we heard that we could cancel the reaaffirm and do something else and still keep the furniture, we followed the instruction, filed one more paper and it came off. I am glad we found them. 

    Gail - Review Editor 

    Hi Guys,

    We are glad you found our reviews helpful. That is our goal. It is not changing the world but it makes a difference for those who need it. :) I hope everything continues to work out well for you and please keep the comments coming. Some people find our reader comments more informative than our own reviews.

    Rating Not Rated

    I don't know where to get started. It goes back to the floods 4 years ago in this area. I wored at a diner and it had to close for repairs so I was out of a job. Then my husband slipped and got hurt and went on dissability but before the payments kicked in we were behind on everything. Before long the law suits began to come in and the harassment started. The collectors would call day and night so we changed our number but they got the new one anyway. Before long they was talking to our neighbors asking about us. My husband could not take it any more and one thing lead to another and we separated. I went back to work but I was not like before. 

    We lost everythig. They took the cars so I could not get to work on time and so I lost that job too. I want to file bankruptcy but my husband doesnt. We are still legally married so do I need him to agree? Are there lawyers who can do this for free? I do not know what to do next.

    Rating Not Rated

    Gail - Review Editor August 30

    Hi Montoya,

    I am sad to hear about what you are going through. From what you are saying, it can only get better from here. As long as you are healthy you can get over this and start all over again. I suspect that you have your friends and family providing you emotional support through all of this. Now you need to talk to a lawyer to see how bankruptcy can help. We may sound like we do not like lawyers but that is far from the truth. it is simply about the right tool for the right job. Only a lawyer can give you legal advice, so do not hesitate to talk to one. Even if you do not have the money, you can easily get a free consultation from bankruptcy attorneys in your area. Let them look at your whole picture and then tell you what to do. When it comes to getting the actual bankruptcy filed, we do not know of any free attorneys anywhere. This is where the full service bankruptcy companies come in. Bankruptcy is supposed to help people who are broke yet when you add up all the costs, a person can be too broke to afford bankruptcy. The court filing fee is high and the lawyers are expensive. The good thing is that if you can scrape together the money to get a full-service bankruptcy company to help, and they are usually under $300, they can get the actual bankruptcy done. They can also help get the court to waive the court filing fee too.

    As I said, talk to a lawyer, get your questions answered and then decide if you want to hire a lawyer or to use a full-service bankruptcy company. Wish you the the best!

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    Thanks for a great review. I have been wondering about who to use until I came upon your site. Now I feel I know whatto do. Also I like the articles on the site. Sounds like you did your homework. Thanks.

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    I live in Plano. Do they do TX bankruptsys too? We lost the house in forclosure a couple of years ago but managed to still stay they rent free since the bank was slow on account of all the forclosues in this area. Now they want us out. Can bankruptsy erase the back payments of mortgage or did the foreclosue do that already? Can't affod lawye so as u sure this is the way to go?

    Rating Not Rated
    Gail - Review Editor 

    Hi Leroy,

    We cannot stress this enough. We cannot tell you whether or not to file. Only you can figure that your self. It seems like you were lucky to stay they two years rent free so now you have to decide one way or the other. You may want to get a free consultation with a attorney in your area but as a general point not specific to yoru situation, this is what bankruptcy was meant to do. Foreclosure does not relieve you of the loses the mortgage comany has incurred and you probably guessed this already or you would not be considering bankruptcy. Foreclosure law varies state by state so talk to an attorney in your area first. As for US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or any of our top review picks, they cover all 50 states so that should not be an issue.

    Good luck and I hope it works out well for you.

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     I am in my fifties and I had lived throught the Northridge earthquate in 1994 and I thought that I had seen everything. The house was condemed so we took the insurance money and the little we got from FEMA and started a secondhand clothing store. We were afraid to buy a another house in case the big one came. The business did well until the housing bubble made people thing they didn't need hand me downs. We lost the business, my husband continued to work for the cable company and I went back to school. A several years later he lost his job and the bills began to pile up. We went from having health insurance to not having it and then he had a bypass. That ruined us so we were faced with bankruptcy.

    I didn't use to be a fearful person but the earthquake set off a chain reaction of bad luck which led into major insecurity and other issues. I couldn't make decision quickly as I used to and before long, my husband and I were at each others throats. He wanted to file but I didn't. I finally agreed to file but we could not agree on that too. I wanted to play it safe and use a lawyer but he wanted to use a paralegal outfit in Pacoima. By this time I had become an LVN and a coworker told me to look for reviews before deciding. We found your review and after I read it I gave in and we went with US bankruptcy. What happened after that was like been dazed. It all happened so quickly. First they finished the papers the next day, we file the following day and 4 weeks later the trustee said we were good to go. And just like that all the bills were erased. In fact I couldn't believe it was real so after we got the discharge letter I called the trustee office and asked them if that meant we did not have to pay the huge hospital bills too and they said yes. I hung up the phone slumped to the floor and started crying. There is no way I can describe the feeling. Nothing comes close to it. It was like an evil tree of bad luck had been broken and we were no longer chained to it.

    It has been some years now and every now and then I just feel like sharing our story so others do not have to suffer like we did. We have referred my people to US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and to the review. Thank goodness we survived it and are still together and are begining to see our dreams come true. I wish we had got here sooner but better late than never!

    Thanks for your site and keep up the good work.


    I plan to file chapter 13 but I am not sure if it is the right one. I have a car behind in paymens and not sure if 13 is the right one. Iv got about 20 grand in cc debts too. Which should i file and who do you recommend?

    Rating Not Rated
    Gail - Review Editor 

    Hi Mitchell, 

    I cannot advise you on which one to file because I am not a lawyer. You may want to talk to a lawyer first. As far as which company to use, US Chapter 7 Bankruptcy would be a good choice seeing as from your message you do not seem to have anything complicated. But any of the other companies we have reviewed will be just as good. Since we only review companies that can do a decent job, any would do. So it comes down to your preference. They are all in the same price ball park, so that should not be an issue. Many of our readers have used them for chapter 13 and had no problems.

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    I have read your reiew but I was wondering if any one has actually used them before. I am thinkin of filing chapter 7 for mostly credit cads? 

    Rating Not Rated

    Hi Juanita. My husband and I used them 6 months ago and we got finished with the ch 7 some months now. I couldnt believe how easy it was. This is the most amazing service I have used in a long time. I am not usually lucky with bying things on the internet and so we were at first skeptical but we decided to give it a try. First we were told by a lawyer we did not qualify for a discharge but we still tried anyway. The clerk complemented us on the forms and said they were done right and asked us if we had a lawyer help us. Come the trustee hearing and it was real quick. Ours lasted about 2 minutes. He looked at the papers raised his head and said, dismissed. My husband asked him what he meant and he said everything was okay. Thats when it dawned on me that it was for real.

    We got to keep our cars though we decided later to give one back since we owed more than its worth. four months later we got the discharge notice and boy was that a relief? To think that we strugled for more than a year to decide if we were going to use a lawyer!

    Good luck.

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