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American Bankruptcy Company

American Bankruptcy Company


American Bankruptcy Company


  • One of the pioneers in this sector going back to the 90's
  • They are a full-service company and that is important 
  • Product quality is very good
  • Sales transparency - No hidden fees
  • Affordable Flat fee pricing
  • Focuses on for consumer bankruptcies
  • Includes all the federal forms
  • Includes all the state and districts forms
  • Excellent customer support
  • They handle both chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies
  • Their bankruptcy data intake platform is easy to use
  • They provide a free ask-an-attorney option that allows you to talk to ask a lawyer questions for free.
  • They also provide free resources to repair your credit after you get the bankruptcy discharge.
  • They handle all levels of bankruptcy difficulty from simple cases to complex cases with hundreds of creditors.
  • Payment transactions are processed by some of the largest payment processors in the country and in addition, they do not handle or come into contact with your payment information. These days when you are constantly hearing about big retailers like Target being doing a poor job of protecting customer information, with this company, the security of your payment transaction is one thing you do not have to worry about.
  • They also provide a proprietary knowledgebase that can transform any ordinary bankruptcy filing from something to be dreaded into something that can put a filer a head of the pack after bankruptcy.
  • Perhaps the most important thing American Bankruptcy Company offers is their discharge guarantee. They guarantee the actual discharge of your debts, not just that your documents will be accepted for filing as the other companies do.


There are not many negatives with this company but here are the ones we found.

  • They do not handle corporate bankruptcies. Anyone who owns a business can use this company for their personal bankruptcy filing and discharge their personal liability for their business debts at the same time. It is just that the entity filing the bankruptcy cannot be a corporation. A lot of businesses and corporations could use a company like this, but they only serve consumers. 
  • Like Legal Zoom, though they were initially started with the help of attorneys, they do not provide attorney to represent you in your bankruptcy filing.
  • Their physical presence is limited to only two locations, California and Florida. However they serve all 50 states. 
  • Filing bankruptcy is a serious decision that requires careful consideration and we do not like that American Bankruptcy Company encourages people to file bankruptcy. Just because they have perfected the process of getting debts discharged does not mean that everyone facing money problems should file one. They are not alone in this though. A lot of bankruptcy lawyers adopt a "we can do it so let us get it done" mentality, without first taking the time to see if bankruptcy is right for their clients. 
  • Although their customer service is among the best that we have found, they do not provide a contact phone number. It is not as big a deal as it may sound considering that no one in this sector provides a phone number.


We don’t give out perfect scores lightly. Only truly exceptional providers can hope to get a five-star review, and even those who make it to that elite level have to keep up the good work, since we constantly reevaluate our ratings to make sure last year’s perfect providers are still the best of the best today. As a reviewer, I’m always looking for things to complain about and will downgrade ratings without any hesitation when I can no longer stand behind an earlier rating (lest they make me look bad!). So let me say that American Bankruptcy Company is the real deal. They’ve been among our favorite bankruptcy processors for a while now, and have never faltered. There is always room for improvement and on top of that list would be for them to provide lawyers for people seeking to file a business bankruptcy. 

Started in the early 90s in Los Angeles with input from several bankruptcy lawyers, the founders of American Bankruptcy Company have had plenty of time to cultivate a reputation – and they have. Across the board, independent reviewers have praised this company for a long time. Customer complaints are nearly non-existent, and absolutely never habitual. The internet has a very good memory, so even good companies tend to rack up some negative reviews. American Bankruptcy Company on the other hand, has a fairly spotless reputation, with absolutely no serious complaints to be found in 25 years!

This is no accident. American Bankruptcy Company simply provides excellent service and clear, honest marketing. To that end, they have:

  • No set up fee
  • No per creditor fee 
  • One flat fee covers all your creditors
  • No additional fee for long complicated filings
  • No additional fee for joint filing
  • No recurring fees
  • No fees through the plan for chapter 13 cases
  • No hidden fees
  • No extra fees for their bankruptcy knowledgebase

Finding all of these features in one place for as little as $250 is rare. If you are lucky, you may even catch one of their sales events and save more. Beyond that initial $250, there is no additional fee for anything other than you paying the court their court filing fee. They even include the court fee waiver documentation so that you may not even have to pay a filing fee. If you start out filing by yourself and want to add your spouse to the bankruptcy, they do not charge you extra.

American Bankruptcy Company might not have the name recognition of the big bankruptcy lawyer firms, but that doesn’t stop them from providing a high quality product. Each year we ask them for a sampling of their work and we have been always impressed on how accurate and professional it is. We can say that the quality of their product is on a par with the of the good bankruptcy attorneys if not even better. Perhaps what we like the most is their guarantee. They actually guarantee that your chapter 7 debts will get discharged. This is something no chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer ever does. Lawyers do not guarantee the quality of their service, let alone that you will get a discharge. We have all heard or seen lawyer retainer agreements that are designed with so much legal jargon that only another lawyer can understand it. All their retainer agreements do is to protect them from your coming after them if they screw up your case.

As if they read your mind, American Bankruptcy Company has a feature where they can put you in touch with lawyers who can answer your questions. They call it the ask-an-Attorney option. It is a free option available to those who purchase any of their full-service products. This option ties in to two or three attorney networks where new attorneys hungry for business answer bankruptcy questions, in the hope for name recognition and for future business in other areas of law.

An extra bonus of using American Bankruptcy Company is their bankruptcy knowledgebase. We have all heard about famous celebrities filing bankruptcy and still keeping their mansions and boats and vacation houses, and we have wondered how they do it. More common than that is how corporations misappropriate their employees' pension funds and then file bankruptcy and are back in business the next day. Well, the celebrities and corporations use the $700 per hour lawyers who know how to structure their bankruptcy to make them come out ahead. Because they have been around for a long time and have worked with some of those smart lawyers, American Bankruptcy Company has for some years been making this knowhow available to consumers.

Their bankruptcy knowledgebase has something for everyone, even if it is just to understand how to use bankruptcy to clean up your credit. Their KB as they call it, is not a how-to file bankruptcy manual. It is rather, a vast compendium of tweaks that you can apply to your bankruptcy to enable you do just about anything you want your bankruptcy to do for you. They are based on exploiting legitimate loopholes in the law to your advantage. For example there is a loophole that will allow just about anyone to pass the means test, regardless of how much income they have. Without this loophole, if your income is high, you will not qualify for a discharge, but with this perfectly legal tweak, you can. It may mean holding off filing the documents for a week or two as you set up the conditions for the tweak, but in the end you will get the discharge. At least that is what their past customers who have tried it say.

If you are going to use American Bankruptcy Company, do not do it because of their knowledgebase. Do it because you need to dump your debts and you want the best low cost way to do it. The American Bankruptcy Company knowledgebase is not necessarily for everyone. There are people who just want to file bankruptcy ASAP and do not want to take a few extra days to tweak it to make it erase their bad credit, and these people do not need the knowledgebase.

All said, I’m glad to recommend American Bankruptcy Company to anyone who wants to get their debts discharged, without paying high attorney fees. Whether you are looking for a simple bankruptcy filing or your case is complicated, American Bankruptcy Company will handle it for you with an affordable product and with honest high-quality service. They’ve earned their 5-star rating, and I have a feeling they’ll be holding on to it for many more years.

Read the rest of the review below for more details on this stand-out company. 

Product and Services:

American Bankruptcy Company’s line of products and services covers all the bases. Their flagship product is the Ultimate Full-Service bankruptcy product. It comes with everything you will need to file bankruptcy and on top of that, they add their proprietary bankruptcy knowledgebase.

Their mid-range product, the Complete Full-Service bankruptcy is a full-fledged bankruptcy product providing everything needed to file a bankruptcy. It is the same as their Ultimate Full-Service product, except that it does not have their proprietary knowledgebase. If you just need a straight bankruptcy, then this one is it.

At the bottom of the ladder, is their bankruptcy software product, suitable for those who have either filed bankruptcy before and need to do it again or for those who know their way around bankruptcy law and just need a tool to get it done. In general, we do not recommend bankruptcy software, regardless of who makes it. If you are going to be discharging many thousands of dollars in debt, it does not make sense to save a few dollars by going with software. It is best to have it done full-service, where a bankruptcy expert with years of experience can handle it for you and take responsibility for the outcome.

Fees and Rates

While I found this portion of the American Bankruptcy Company site a little difficult to navigate, that’s really only because they provide so much information. Right off the bat, they won’t charge you for the usual money pits:

  • No per creditor fee
  • No additional fee for long complicated filings
  • No additional fee for joint filing
  • No recurring fees
  • No fees through the plan for chapter 13 cases
  • No hidden fees
  • No extra fees for their bankruptcy knowledgebase

BAM! That’s great news. Generally with an attorney, you would expect to pay another $500 to add a spouse to a chapter 7 bankruptcy or to a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Most attorneys start with a teaser rate for one or two creditors and when you say you have more that that number, their fee will jump. Imagine if you had 100 creditors or even 200 creditors. You can expect a lawyer to charge upwards of $3,000. With American Bankruptcy Company, you pay a flat fee no matter what.  Frankly, it does not make sense to charge a client who has a hundred creditors the same as a person who has one or two creditors, but somehow they are able to do it and still not lose money. I can imagine that to a potential bankruptcy filer, it is good to know there will be no surprises once you become a customer.  

Okay, so what will you have to pay them? 

American Bankruptcy Company has several products, starting with a software solution but as we already noted, we do not recommend software. That product starts at about $100. I do not doubt that it is all they say it is, but who wants to use software for such an important thing, when they can have it do for them professionally? Their flagship products are their full-service bankruptcy products. The Complete FS Bankruptcy which should be all that anyone would need, is a full-fledged bankruptcy filing with all the trimmings. The last time we checked, it was priced at $179. For those of you who like to be one step ahead of everyone else, they have their Ultimate FS bankruptcy product which comes with their proprietary bankruptcy secrets knowledgebase. It starts at $250, but once or twice a year, they do offer sales pricing. If you are interested in that product, be sure to look for a discount on their web site.

Sales and Advertising Transparency:

American Bankruptcy Company does a good job disclosing all their fees which as we mentioned, is a flat pricing structure. You will see a couple of offers that I might call “gimmicks,” but none are deceptive. For instance, they offer free access to your credit report, but we all know how to get the same free credit report at least once a year.

As we already noted...

We do not like that American Bankruptcy Company makes filing bankruptcy seem attractive. 

They have proven themselves good at getting their clients a guaranteed discharge of the debts, but that does not mean they should make it seem like the right choice for everyone. Filing bankruptcy is a serious matter and if everyone filed bankruptcy, the economy would collapse. American Bankruptcy Company should at least encourage their customers to look for other ways to resolve their financial problems before resorting to filing bankruptcy.

While we have criticized them for not providing a phone number to the public, I also like that their web based customer service eliminates the high pressure selling that invariably occurs when poorly trained salespeople man the phones and pressure people into purchasing higher priced products for a commission. The American Bankruptcy Company salespeople I contacted were very helpful, honest, intelligent, and offered me the right answers to my questions and did not try to pressure me into buying anything.

Customer Service and technical Support:

 We’ve personally experienced American Bankruptcy Company’s customer service, in addition to the responses that we’ve heard from the past customers and from other reviewers. Their staff is very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. They offer email support 24/7. I contact them every now and then posing as a customer and each time, they respond very promptly to my inquiries. Sometimes they respond to messages in under an hour, but I am sure it will vary. This is in sharp contrast to most web based businesses that take as much as 48 hours to respond, if they even respond at all. As a reviewer, because I am not a real customer I have to also rely on real customer reviews.  That is where you come in! Have you used American Bankruptcy Company? Please leave us your comments! Don’t forget to read our user review and comment policy. 

Negative Reviews and Complaints: 

At the California BBB, they have a spotless record and for a business dealing with so many debtors over such a long period of time, this kind of web reputation is almost unheard of in the bankruptcy industry. While American Bankruptcy Company has virtually no complaints on the web after 25 years in business, I have run into one or two and have concluded that some of them came from their competitors. 

In one case, the person said that American Bankruptcy Company claimed on their web site to be lawyers and would provide a lawyer for court representation. I knew instantly that they were making it up since the company goes out of their way to point out that they are not lawyers. They provide an ask-an-attorney option that is fulfilled by independent attorney networks which they do not control, but that cannot be confused with their being attorneys themselves. 

Another one we looked into was a customer who signed up with them but did not log in to give them any information to prepare the bankruptcy with. He comes back two years later, asking why his debts had not been discharged.

The other type of complaint that all companies in this sector get are from customers who try to have their cake and eat it too. It is not uncommon for customers to think that they can use the services of a bankruptcy preparation company and then not pay them.

If you want to avoid problems with any bankruptcy company or even with an attorney:

  • You need to be aware that it takes a lot to prepare a complete bankruptcy and so these companies will not refund your money after they have done the work, just because you changed your mind. If you are not sure you want to file bankruptcy, do not hire a bankruptcy attorney or company.
  • The other thing to keep in mind is that they do not offer a satisfaction guarantee. They offer a performance guarantee and that is a very different thing.
For example, American Bankruptcy Company guarantees you your discharge in chapter 7 cases or your money back. But this requires that you actually have them prepare the bankruptcy and that you cooperate in the process at the court house. You cannot just have them do the work and they turn around and ask for your money back since that would be you ripping them off.                         
  • The other thing you need to do to avoid problems is to have realistic expectations. No matter what American Bankruptcy Company says, you have a role to play in your bankruptcy filing. You cannot just order their services and then forget about it. You actually have to log in to their web site and give them your information. Some people expect that once they hire a full-service bankruptcy company, they do not have to do anything. They are not mind readers and so they need your input into the process so that they can do their job.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials: 

On their site, you’ll find many customer testimonials. We have personally contacted a number of them and found that the ones we contacted were extremely happy with their service. They also assured us that they weren’t paid or incentivized in any way by American Bankruptcy Company to write their testimonials. At first, those we contacted were reluctant to participate in any review but with the proper assurances, we were able to get them to talk to us. Understandably, hardly anyone filing bankruptcy wants their name published or to be contacted by people they do not know, so it was not an easy thing for us to arrange. Privacy policies being what they are, American Bankruptcy Company had to obtain their consent in advance to talk to us. You’ll find a number of positive and not so positive reviews in our comments section below. It’s fairly uncommon for satisfied customers to go through the trouble of writing a review. In my experience, customers are 1,000 times more likely to complain than to praise, especially in this industry. Given this, even a few positive customer experiences can tell you something.

Final Verdict: 

In the end, we like American Bankruptcy Company. They are about as close to an all-around perfect chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy processor, as you’re likely to find anywhere. They have fully disclosed fees right there on their web site, making American Bankruptcy Company a transparent online business. In our opinion, they are the real deal. They do not leave anything to chance and their full-service products contain everything any consumer would need for a complete chapter 7 filing.

If I had to come up with some complaints, my first one would be that they don’t offer bankruptcies for corporations. A lot of companies could benefit from a good bankruptcy company like this. It is not uncommon for lawyers to charge more than $10,000 for corporate bankruptcies and if American Bankruptcy Company entered that sphere, it would help a lot of businesses.

On a general note, I am amazed at how many people who are supposedly too broke to pay their debts, that have no problem hiring lawyers for the bankruptcies. In the end it is about getting your debts discharged, right? Unless you have a business, save your money and hire a full-service bankruptcy company. With American Bankruptcy Company you will get your discharge and a whole lot more, particularly with restoring your credit after bankruptcy. 

Overall, I’m more than happy to recommend American Bankruptcy Company to any and all would-be bankruptcy filers, friends and family included. Whether you’re looking for a simple bankruptcy filing or your case is complicated, American Bankruptcy Company will set you up with an affordable and honest, high-quality bankruptcy product. They’ve earned every point in their 5-star rating!

Reader Comments

     Peter Landa November 20

    I’ve been thinking of American Bankruptcy Company for my bankruptcy. I am really interested in their KB. I think it is a useful bonus to their service. Thanks for the review and I am now leaning their way!

    Rating Not Rated

    Gary - Review Editor November 21


    Thanks for the comment. Glad to know that I was able to help. Let us know how it goes.

    Rating Not Rated

     LaidbackJane November 25

    What is the Knowledgebase? 

    Rating Not Rated

    Gary - Review Editor December 1


    The Knowledgebase would be American Bankruptcy Company’s proprietary knowledgebase, that is, insider information. They offer it for free with some of their products. It is not necessary to get their KB to get your bankruptcy done. It is just a little extra thing they offer. We do not directly review their KB since that is not part of their core bankruptcy preparation per say.

    Rating Not Rated

    Yves December 2

    About 8 years ago, I was referred to American Bankruptcy Company by a friend who had used them and they raved about them. A year later I was ready to file but I had forgot their name and I was getting frustrated looking for them on the internet and then I found your review. I should have remembered my friendsaying most of their business is word of mouth. I used them for chapter 7 in Denver and they were great. All the debts came off and even the ones that a lawyer in Englewood said would not come off. There was something in the knowledge base about filing this other form to make some secured dets to become unsecured. I don't remember what the forms was called but I filed it and two weeks laterI got a notice saying that the lien had been voided or something. So when they send me the discharge notice some months later, that debt came off too. So to answer to Jane's question about the knowledge base, it is some thing extra they give you that shows you how to beet the creditors using the court. You don't need it to file the bankruptcy, it is mostly things you can do after you have filed the basic bankruptcy. I was amazed how big it was. There was even some thing there about how use the law to stop the creditors from harassing you without filing bk. I tell you, it is not like any thing I saw before. it looked like it took a long time for whoever came up with it to know it. I am glad the company is still around after all these years to help people.



    Amanda September 15 

    Thanks for your reviews, this definitely made my searching easier.

    Been looking around and found that American Bankruptcy Company seems like a good and overall cheap company, been kind of paranoid about hidden costs, but this company seems to only charge $199 for everything (excluding court costs) even though I have been quoted $1,500 by a lawyer here in Huston. Are we comparing apples to apples and how can $199 buy you the same bankruptcy as $1,500?

    One negative though is that they do not provide a phone number.

    Rating Not Rated
     Rob I. August 12

    Good site! Question: If American Bankruptcy Company has 5 starts, why don't they have a phone number or provide attorneys for court? Isn't five stars supposed to be the best?

    Rating Not Rated
     Gary - Review Editor August 14

    I’m not sure I understand you here Rob. Technically, we don’t give out five stars easily. I agree with you that they do not have a public phone number and if you read my review, I mention that. The thing is that comparing oranges to oranges, they are at the very top. Granted, lawyers have phone numbers for the public but that comes with a hefty price. You have to ask yourself, do you want a phone number or do you want a great bankruptcy filing at 1/10th the cost of a lawyer? Like we have said in the various reviews, we consider three stars good and four stars very good, so if you want to think of them as three stars because they do not have a phone number, that is okay too.

    Rating Not Rated
     Steve Jacobs July 28

    Just wondering if American Bankruptcy Company offered credit repair, which seemes to be important to people who are worried about their credit.

    Rating Not Rated

     T. Chen July 28

    Hello Steve,

    They do not exactly. They are strictly a full service bankruptcy company. They provide free information with which you can fix your credit yourself but they do not actually clean your credit for you. If they did they would have to charge you extra for that and they do not. I used them for a 7 about 9 months ago and they were great. Everything you need to fix your credit is in the KB and one year after the bankruptcy all the negatives on my credit dropped off one aftert the other like melting butter. It took a bit longer for the bankruptcy itself to come off, I had to re do that part two times before it came off trans union. :)

    Andy  July 4

    I would highly recommend American Bankruptcy Company. I left my chapter 13 lawyer when I found out that he was going to get paid before my mortgage lender got anything. I took the advice on in your review and went with American Bk. I filed 6 months ago and off the bat all my payments are going straight to the creditors that I want to pay. 

    Thanks also to this website for their helpful guidance. Keep it going.

    Gary - Review Editor July 7

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the nice words about our reviews. Glad we were able to help you out and look forward to reading your future comments. :)

    Rating Not Rated

    Elaine June 30

    I used American Bankruptcy Company about a year ago and I loved the service. I was a part-time teacher and I lost my job last year and then I came across your reviews. I went with American Bankruptcy Company and it worked out very well. It was exactly as they said it would be, right down to the trustee meeting and the discharge. I reaffirmed my auto loan after filing and the information I read in the knowledgebase enabled my keep the car for a whole lot less than I actually owed. 

    I have learned since then that a lot of people sign reaffirmation agreements without realizing that they do not have to go with the first offer the creditors make. One can even keep some secured assets without making any payments. Here is what I did. I used one of the tips in their knowledgebase to sign a reaffirmation agreement for a secured refrigerator and other secured appliances. Right before the cancellation deadline, I contacted the finance company and cancelled the reaffirmation and asked them to come and take the items, but they never show up. I now get to keep it without any payments. That saved me a couple grand in future payments. I am sure that if I had used a lawyer, they would not have shown me the maneuver. I am now rebuilding my credit with another tip from their KB.

    Great so far. Thanks for the review!

    Meg May 19 

    Elaine, that just about does it for me. I would like to be able to keep my financed bedroom set and my kitchen appliance that were all financed. A lawyer told me that I would either have to pay the full debt or reaffirm it at full balance. Now that I know how you did it, I will try it too. I will go with them. Any recent feedback on your credit restoration would be great. I’m really concerned about reestablishing my credit quickly. One more question. Were there any extra charges or was it as they say on the site?

    Rating Not Rated

    Elaine May 25

    No there were no surprises. I paid once and that was it. I was also worried about hidden fees but that was not the case with them. I also love how easy it was! Their customer service was great so I did not miss the fact that there was no phone number to call.  Elaine

    Rating Not Rated
     Harry May 27

    Hi Elaine,

    My wife and I are working up the courage to file without lawyer. We cannot afford a lawyer so we are thinking of going with American Bankruptcy. Am I to understand that there was not a single problem seeing as they charge so little compared to lawyers? If lawyer fees were not an issue would you still use American bankruptcy?

    Thanks, Harry

    Rating Not Rated

    Gary - Review Editor May 30 


    I know you are talking to Elaine but seeing as she has not yet responded to your question, I will jump in and say that it is up to you who to use. Just because American Bankruptcy Company is our top pick does not mean that you will feel the same way we do. From the comments on this user forum, it seems pretty clear that they do not have any hidden fees and that their bankruptcies are as good as that of many lawyers. Like Elaine said in her last post, they saved her $2,000 in debt she did not have to reaffirm. It is these extra things their knowledgebase helps people to do that have earned them the top rating. Again as me mentioned earlier, we do not directly review anything that is not core bankruptcy preparation and that goes for their knowledgebase. The role their KB plays in our rating is its impact on reader comments which we consider in awarding the stars. I hope I did not jumble the explanation.

    Rating Not Rated
    Walsh June 17

    I am just not on board with the idea that a paralegal is just as good as a lawyer. They have gone to law school and know something that the so called full service do not. Otherwise why are they not lawyers too? My brother is a lawyer, and he does bankruptcy, and I know how many years it took him to pass the bar exams, so that ought to count for something. If you are the Phoenix area you can call them at {DELETED BY EDITOR. COMPANY SELF- ENDORSEMENTS NOT ALLOWED}.

    Geraldine April 4

    I have a situation with a bunch of lawsuits because of a failed business followed by a divorce. My husband and I owned a business and when I caught him cheating I filed for divorce and from there the business spiraled down. We lost the business, he filed bankruptcy but I am not sure that is what I want.

    Has anyone used this company and what did they do for your credit? Is there any truth to keeping bk off the credit? I don't really care any more about my credit, My main thing is I just don't want to get stuck with a pile of debt. The business was in our names not in a corporation so I don't have to use a lawyer.

    Even though I would be filing in my name, I have been quoted up to eight grand because of the business debts being in my personal guarantee. American Bankruptcy Company charges only 250 so that makes me wonder if it is the same quality as the lawyers.

    Has anyone who owned a failed business used them?

    Rating Not Rated

    Rick Jenkins April 22

    Hi Geraldine,

    I had a simiar situation like you that is, owning a business and all and when the bz went burst, the creditors came after us big time. At first we wer skeptical about using anything other than a lawyer but we were strapped. That is when my wife came across American bankruptcy. We read what they had on the sight and decided to give them a shot.

    It was the best thing we did. First they got the forms done in one day of us giving them our information and they were perfect. We had no problem filing it. This was a surprise cause we thought that there was going to be a problems seeing we had listed so many lawsuits and judgments. When it came time for the trustee meeting it was just as they said, No creditors showed up and the only one that tried to give us a hassle was the landlord of one of our stores. He tried to object saying he was not listed in the bk but his lawyer was listed. Nothing came of it. We got our discharge four months later and right after that we started to rebuild our credit.

    We were able to use the information in their kb, but it was as not easy as they made it seem. We had to redo some of the techniques three times before most of the bankruptcy dropped off the credit. They said it could come off in about a year but it took about a year and a half for all of the bk filing to come off.

    The thing that I was not too happy about is that they did not tell us that they would only provide us the information and that we had to do the work of fixing the credit, well sort of. It was there on the site but we missed it. it should have been highlighted. No harm done. We came out of it with a clean slate and I mean, clean. Apart from that, their knowledge base was amazing. Just mind blowing. Their customers are not supposed to give away their secrets and I feel I owe it to them to respect that. I will say anyway that we found one of the other  techniques very helpful. We been told by a lawyer that we did not pass the means test cause even though we lost the business my wife had a 2nd job that made good money. We did what the kb said and was able to get the discharge.

    American bk worked for us but it is up to you since everyones situation is different. Having used them, we would use them again if we had to.


    brody mitchell March 20

    We’ve been referring people to American Bankruptcy Company since 2009 and making a few bucks on the side and when I told them the other day what I was doing and asked if they have a reseller program they was upset and rude. I have sent them lots and lots of people and it was not right the way they reacted. Can you guys talk to them? I want to make a businnes from it in my area because they are many people who don't have internet and need bankrupcy. If you guys can talk to them may be they will listen. I don't think they will listen to me but they may listen to you. They are not reaching all the people who can use their service and they need to be more flexible.

    Kelli March 15

    I am told they are in Virginia, not in San Pedro, CA. I think they also have a location in Jacksonville Fl. Do they only serve FL and VA and California?

    Rating Not rated
    T Delany March 19

    Hi Kelli,

    Thank you for writing in. American Bankruptcy Company has an east coast location and a west coast location and I think they are in Florida and here in SoCal. I used them a long time ago and it did not matter where they were since it is the same bankruptcy and they cover the whole country anyway. I had read good reviews about them so I was not too worried. My only concern was that they did not have a phone number but their email service was very quick so it worked out. I am glad I went with them.

    Best, Tom

    Rating Not Rated
    Missie February 9

    Was able to visit their site and to navigate but since friday we are not able to contact to the payment page to order. Is there a problem with the site?

    Rating Not Rated
    Missie February 9

    They seem well reviewed but their website doesn’t function. I try to click the menu nav items and only displays the page requesting all my info, no taking me to where I want to navigate to. For example when you click on ‘Price’ nothing happens. Same for all the others.  Doesn’t sound like a company I would entrust if the web site will not let me navigate or buy.

    Rating Not Rated
     George O. February 12

    Mitchell, I just checked and I cannot see what you are talking about. You may want to clear your cache and/or restart your browser and try again as there does not appear to be any issue at all on the American Bankruptcy Company side.

    Are you outside the country? That is the only other thing I can think of. They serve only America and if you try to reach them from another country, it might block you in the way you mentioned. I used them for my chapter 7 and there were no problems. Great company. It was easy to work with them and they delivered as they said.

    Flint January 24

    This company looks interesting, but I am confused by how their different products work. Are they offering software or full-service preparation and why do they have two types of full service? 

    Rating Not Rated
    T Delany January 29

    Hi Flint,

    American Bankruptcy Company is first a full service bankruptcy company so that is what the site is geared to. I presume they mention bk software as a possible choice for those who cannot afford the better products like their ultimate full service that comes with the knowledge base. 

    As for the full service, they have two flavors. The complete fs which I supposed is just the bankruptcy and the ultimate which is the complete fs and more. It is up to you which one you like. If you do not need the knowledge base then get the complete full service. I would stay away from software even from a reputable company as this one. When I used them from my bankruptcy I went with the full service product and I got may discharge without problems

    Hope this helps. Feel free to send another comment or question if there is anything else I can help you with!


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